Top 8 Essential Home Staging tips

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Home staging is a relatively new concept for South Africans. Depending on your budget and your current set up will determine how far you take it. Below are some easy staging tips we like to recommend to sellers to try and maximize a properties full selling potential.

EDIT YOUR CLUTTER: Tiding up a space is probably the most important aspect when preparing a home for sale. Reducing the amount of personal items goes a long way in maximizing the opportunity a property presents. Buyers are interested in space, flow of space, and being able to imagine how their furniture will work in a property is much easier if its less cluttered.  Either pack away your items, donate them or send them to storage and dispose of anything unnecessary that won’t be making its way to your new home.

CLEAN OUT THE CLOSETS: Decluttering includes cleaning out the cupboards. People love looking inside other people’s cupboards. A tidy cupboard gives the impression of extra space.

A NEW COAT OF PAINT: The best money spent in home staging is on re-painting the interior. If you can’t afford to paint then I would suggest giving the walls a really good clean. This goes for the outside of the building too. Painting makes your home look clean and fresh. Keep your colours neutral, light and airy.

EMBRACE THE ACCENT WALL: Most walls should be neutral but accent walls add a bit of sparkle to the home. Bold colours or wallpapers on a single wall works really well. Don’t go overboard and make sure the theme continues in the same pallet throughout.

SET THE STAGE: Fresh cut flowers in the entrance hall or laying out the dining room table with your finest china and crystal ware sets a fabulous mood. A selection of fresh fruits in the kitchen or placing a breakfast tray at the foot of the bed really appeals to the savvy buyers. The idea is to exaggerate the lifestyle the home affords.

FURNITURE: We can’t all afford to rush out and buy new furniture. A few new cushions, some new lamp shapes and throws with some clever re-arranging of furniture to maximize the space works well in making that fantastic first impression.

NEW TOWELS AND LINEN: Fresh bed linen and new bath towels adds to that classy look. Keep it simple. Nothing says luxury more than white linen and classy new towels.

AVOID SCENTS: There an old myth that if you fry onions of bake cookies before buyer arrive then it adds to that homely feeling. Don’t do it! There is nothing worse than a smelly home. Avoid scented candles, or burning on incense.

Author: Lloyd Rees

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