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Inspect-A-Home has been inspecting homes since 1985 and uses this 31+ years’ experience to help clients make informed decisions when buying, as well as guiding and supporting them when building. Our reports are completely factual and unbiased and will stand up in a court of law if need be. We remain impartial, giving the client the facts and not just what they want to hear. We are not affiliated with any estate agents or building contractors and are, therefore, completely unbiased in our report and recommendations to you. We don’t use checklists. Our report is a narrative, often with supporting photographs, that explains the problems/defects, how they can be rectified, and what costs would be involved. This is a totally unique service to Inspect-A-Home.

The theoretical and practical training our inspectors receive is unparalleled in this country. We also have a national support infrastructure of engineers, architects, entomologists, geologists, quantity surveyors and other professionals that we can draw on if the need arises.

Beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional Inspect-A-Home inspector brings, it is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party. Our inspectors provide a thoroughly objective, unbiased reporting of the facts.

Author: Greg Illing

Submitted 18 May 16 / Views 2952